Identity Management Biweekly: 8 Cybersecurity and Healthcare IT Articles

November 7, 2019

identity management biweekly

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Identity Management Biweekly: 8 Must-Read Cybersecurity and Healthcare IT Articles


Understanding Common IDM Implementation Pitfalls via Idenhaus

While Identity Management solutions offer a large range of benefits for organizations, the implementation of these solutions presents greater challenges than most organizations realize.

81% of Consumers Would Stop Engaging with a Breached Brand Online via SolutionsReview

81% of consumers would stop engaging with a brand online after a data breach. This statistic should serve as a wakeup call for consumer-facing enterprises of all sizes. Data misuse can destroy your business.

Top 5 Steps CIOs Should Execute to Upgrade On-Premises IAM Environment via EnterpriseSecurityMag

Every enterprise should consider a few parameters before moving IAM to the cloud. The steps given below help organizations to observe their data and secure it.

Cybersecurity Tips for CIOs and CISOs Dealing with Widely Dispersed Data of Healthcare via HealthcareITNews

“CIOs and CISOs should get back to cybersecurity basics and do them very well,” Haber advised. “Executives should strive to ensure they are not the weakest link in the personally identifiable information supply chain.”

Five Reasons Why Your Identity Management Solution No Longer Serves You via Forbes

Traditional identity management systems and processes are no longer capable of keeping up with modern demands. In our analysis, we have found five problems with traditional on-premise identity and access management solutions.

Learn More About How To Deploy An Identity Solution For Your Business via BiometricsNews

Hanno Ekdahl joined the BiometricsNews podcast last week to share his background in IAM and how Idenhaus helps organizations solve critical IAM challenges. He also provides his thoughts on several trending cybersecurity topics.

5 Strategies Healthcare Providers Are Using To Secure Networks via Forbes

Securing endpoints across their healthcare provider networks is one of the most challenging ongoing initiatives any Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for a healthcare provider has today.

45% Health CISOs Faced Cyberattacks Focused on Destroying Data  via HealthITSecurity

Despite the increase in attack sophistication, the biggest concerns for these CISOs are compliance (33 percent) and budget and resource restrictions (22 percent).


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