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Hackers Are Working Around The Clock.
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With the rise of cyber threats, organizations constantly battle to protect themselves. The skilled team at Idenhaus can help you tackle your cybersecurity challenges swiftly and understand your level of preparedness. Here are some key questions we can assist in answering:

Lower project costs by identifying a practical IT spend to address your organization’s critical cyber threats with appropriate countermeasures. Don't wait until it's too late. Idenhaus will be your trusted partner in safeguarding your organization from cyber threats.

We'll Quickly help Identify And Address Your Cyber Risk

Phase One: Discovery And Assessment

For many clients, this discovery phase is an “Aha” moment. We provide valuable insight with an in-depth overview of your security policies, programs, and procedures. Our holistic approach looks at your operational, physical, and industrial infrastructure.

We look at things like:

Phase Two: Analysis And Recommendations

Our Security Roadmap defines a set of individual projects that will help you get from our current security environment to your desired future state – as soon as possible.

Phase Three: Resource Planning And Implementation

After addressing the what and why, the resource planning and implementation stage addresses the who, when, and how. We help you avoid the most common mistakes and achieve implementation success – the first time.

Cybersecurity Resources

Stay on top of the latest in the cybersecurity and identity and asset management information and best practices, visit our blog or our case study center.

Selected blogs:

Schedule your IAM /Governance Assessment

IAM / Governance Assessments are designed to help organizations gauge their current state, and develop necessary success strategies to implement/refine their enterprise IAM solution. Idenhaus Assessments are facilitated by our highly experienced management consultants, in partnership with the top technical resources of our industry. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive understanding of where you’re at, where you want to be, and an action plan to get there.