Florida’s H.B. 473 Cybersecurity Incident Liability Act

Cybersecurity, Incident Response, and Liability: Florida’s H. B. 473 Cybersecurity is a complex and dynamic field where new threats emerge daily, often outpacing traditional security measures. For Businesses, data breaches can have severe consequences, which include financial losses, reputational damage, and legal liabilities. When sensitive information, such as personal data or financial records, is compromised, […]

Navigating the Changes in NIST SP 800-171 Rev. 3 – What You Need to Know


Navigating the Changes in NIST SP 800-171 Rev. 3 – What You Need to Know By Sajid Shafique With new threats emerging almost daily, keeping your organization secure is a constant challenge, especially for government contractors who must navigate the ever-evolving labyrinth of compliance requirements. Previously, we have explained NIST SP 800-171 Compliance and described the basics required […]

The Good, The Bad, The Agile


The Good, The Bad, and The Agile Agile methodologies have become increasingly popular as businesses have sought to develop software more quickly and efficiently. Agile methods are based on iterative development, where software is developed in small increments and delivered on shorter timeframes. These development cycles, called Sprints, allow greater flexibility and responsiveness to changing […]

Unprepared and Vulnerable: Understanding Disaster Recovery Planning, Risks, DRaaS, and the Benefits of In-House Solutions


Unprepared and Vulnerable: Understanding Disaster Recovery Planning, Risks, DRaaS, and the Benefits of In-House Solutions   By Sandhya Sukumar    Along with the risks of natural disasters, human errors, hardware, and infrastructure failures, one can consider “cyberattacks” as one of the top risks that an organization must prepare for.  Hence, Disaster Recovery planning is essential […]

Building a Culture of Cybersecurity with Strategies for Training and Awareness

Building a Culture of Cybersecurity: Strategies for Training and Awareness Written by TJ Rubeck In today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape, employees are often considered the weakest link in cybersecurity. Attackers often target human vulnerabilities through social engineering attacks, phishing, or other related threats. The increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks have made one thing […]

Building Cyber Resilience: Part II

By Sandhya Sukumar  In the first article on this topic we discussed the why, the what, and the importance of Cyber Resilience, including its challenges. In this article, let’s take a look at some of the components involved when building a Cyber Resilience strategy:  A holistic cyber resilience strategy encompasses cybersecurity measures across all levels […]

Hidden Dangers: Why Your Organization’s Cybersecurity Posture is Delusional

In today’s digital world, organizations rely on technology to conduct their operations efficiently. However, this rapid digital transformation has also opened up new avenues for cyber threats. While many organizations invest in cybersecurity measures, there is a pervasive overconfidence about the maturity of their actual cybersecurity posture. In this blog, we will shed light on […]

Five Cybersecurity Quick Wins

Five Cybersecurity Quick Wins   Cybersecurity is now a primary responsibility for companies of all kinds as the world embraces digital transformation. A data breach can have catastrophic financial and reputational consequences. With this in mind, it is crucial to take proactive measures to protect your organization’s assets. These five fast wins below can significantly […]

Identity First Security

By Leah Livingston Idenhaus attended last Monday’s Gartner session titled, “Identity-First Security as the North Star for Your IAM Reimplementation” led by Mary Ruddy. She focused on a key area that’s gaining attention: Identity-First Security. As the ecosystem evolves once again, Enterprises large and small are making the necessary shifts. The best part? Identity tools […]

Role-based Access Control in Large Organizations

Role-based Access Control in Large Organizations By Hanno Ekdahl  As organizations grow, their ability to accurately and efficiently manage access for their users to the systems and applications they need to be effective becomes increasingly difficult. To offset this complexity, most organizations invest in an identity management solution to automate user provisioning and provide a […]