Highlights from Sailpoint’s Sales & Partner Kickoff #SailPointSKO18

February 15, 2018

“Identity has never been so strategically important.”  - Mark McClain, CEO/Founder Sailpoint

Idenhaus partners with several IAM and Cybersecurity vendors and we work hard to stay current on the latest technologies. We recently attended the Sailpoint partner conference (#SailPointSKO18) in Dallas, TX and, as sales and technical training events go, it was very worthwhile. Sailpoint extended their hand to its partners in a way that many other IGA/IAM vendors could learn from.

The opening day gave insight into how Sailpoint is driving their business through and with their partners. They provided insight into their Board of Directors view of what they see as concerns for the industry, and how other boards are starting to become Identity and Governance aware given the current liabilities experienced with breaches and data loss.

"We must strive for a 'Cyber Conscious Culture', which is focused on 3 T’s: Technology, Threat, and Trust."  - Jim Pflaging, Sailpoint Board Member

The following days dug into the market trends and competitive landscape, highlighting Sailpoint’s differentiators and product roadmaps. For example, SecurityIQ extends identity governance to unstructured data, which is becoming a board-level concern (SOX2, spreadsheets, data extracts). Sailpoint's VP of Product Management, Paul Trulove, asserted that data access governance (DAG) is dead.  

The technical tracks offered an insider’s view of how partners can leverage the resources provided to them for improving and shortening sales cycles. Sailpoint is releasing several playbooks in the near future and has put a lot of time and effort into making product demonstrations easier to prepare. We look forward to seeing how the winds of 2018 carry Sailpoint towards new horizons and making new waves in the IGA/IAM/IdM industry. 


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