ForgeRock IdentityLive Conference 2019: Balancing Security and User Experience

May 2, 2019

I had the pleasure to attend the ForgeRock IdentityLive Conference in Nashville this week. I was able to learn more about ForgeRock’s technology and connect with some familiar faces from the Identity Management space. The conference was primarily organized around plenary sessions with a good mix of product updates from ForgeRock as well as customers sharing their implementation experiences. There was discussion around finding opportunities to make the sessions more interactive next year with smaller breakouts or discussion formats.

One of my favorite sessions was USAA’s “Journey with ForgeRock” case study. Dereck Henson and Sudarshan Rangarajan led the discussion and started with the powerful statement that “trust is our brand” and requires striking a delicate balance between security and the end user experience. The end user experience used to be driven primarily by interactions over the phone, and USAA implemented authentication rules to validate the customer’s identity there. Once the Internet came along and then mobile technology, customers now had multiple channels to interact with the brand and the rules/policies for each were stored and maintained separately, which made operations more complex and did not support the best end user experience either.

These challenges led to the adoption of ForgeRock’s Identity Management solution to provide a central place to manage users, provide security, and support the custom development work that allowed USAA to provide security and superior user experience. One of their frustrations when looking at IAM solutions was the dependency on any given vendor to implement new features that USAA needed. This drove a Build vs Buy conversation, that ultimately led to the realization that building it all internally was a non-starter. USAA needed a standards-based platform that would also allow them to implement new features themselves or leverage open source solutions from the community.  For the business, the main selling point was that IAM was an integral part of the organization’s digital transformation and provided centralized application security, which drove down development costs.

If you'd like to attend an upcoming ForgeRock IdentityLive, check out the upcoming sessions around the globe.


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