Core Identity & Access Management Use Cases

September 3, 2015

Here is a reference list of common Identity & Access Management Use Cases:

Create User

  • Initial Population of Users in ID Store (Data seeding for existing users)
  • New Employee through automated HR feed
  • New Non-Employee - Internal (HR feed, workflow request, application of record)
  • New Non-Employee - External (workflow request, application of record) 
  • New Employee Pre-Hire (onboarding prior to start date)

Modify User

  • Job Change (Job Code, Title, Location)
  • Organizational Change (Org, Department, Job Code, Title, Location, Manager)
  • Name Change (Name fields, Email address, UserID)
  • Department Manager change
  • Employee Type change
  • International Job Assignment (change in Country)
  • Temporary Job Assignment & Return
  • International Job Transfer & Return


  • Request System/Application Access
  • Approval Workflow
  • Delegated administration
  • Assign Proxy
  • Workflow Management
  • Enable/Disable Non-Employee account
  • Extend Non-Employee - External account expiration date

Password & Account Management

  • Account Claiming & Initial Password Set
  • Password Self-Service & Challenge Response Questions
  • Service Desk - Forgotten Password
  • Service Desk - Unlock Account

Terminate User

  • Terminate Employee from HR Feed (Termination, Retirement)
  • Emergency account inactivation (Administrator initiated)
  • Terminate Non-Employee - Internal account
  • Terminate Non-Employee - External account
  • Rescind Termination (error / wrong person)

Leave of Absence/Disability

  • LOA
  • Return from LOA
  • Short Term/Long Term/Permanent Disability status
  • Return from Disability status

Rehire User

  • Rehire Employee from HR Feed
  • Rehire Non-Employee
  • Rehire previous Employee as Non-Employee
  • Rehire previous Non-Employee as Employee

What Identity & Access Management Use Cases should be added to this list?


Updated: March 19, 2020


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