Wishing All Our Cybersecurity People A Happy Holiday Week

June 28, 2022

With big holidays come the big threats- whether that threat is on a personal scale, or an enterprise scale is the question. While most people know that they need to keep a wary eye out for extra scams at holidays, others are distracted, overworked or over-stressed, and they might need a refresher. Let's all look out for one another this holiday, and all summer long, by keeping cyber hygiene first and foremost in July. Start with never sharing your passwords, and never assuming that a password is, in fact, unbreakable. We can't protect everyone all the time (from themselves, at least) but we can help create a better foundation of cyber hygiene and understanding.

Happy holiday week, and may your organization enjoy a fruitful and breach-free summer!

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Cybersecurity Remains a Key Focus Area for the SEC and FINRA via MondaQ

Cybersecurity and technology governance remain a top area of focus for the SEC and FINRA, as the regulators continue to concentrate on improving the overall cybersecurity posture and resiliency of the financial sector. How will this focus come to bear on your organization?

Cyber Threats And Current Landscape Put Food Defense On Agenda via Food Safety News

Why does cybersecurity matter so much to the food industry? Because modern logistics is all about just in time and satellites. Disrupting that is a way to disrupt a nation’s food supply. Let's see what they are doing to secure that precious resource.

What We Mean When We Talk About Cyber Insurance via DarkReading

Anyone new to cyber insurance might mistake it for a policy that pays off attackers to retrieve or unlock data. But it's much more than that- cyber insurance was created to protect organizations and individuals against digital risks like ransomware, malware, and phishing campaigns. How protected are you?

Securing Privileged Access And Identity In The Cloud via CXO Online

With businesses using multiple cloud providers and a growing number of enterprises preferring software as a service, a significant percentage of enterprises face challenges in securing identity. Talk to Idenhaus today about your options for IAM solutions.

Identity Management and the Second Half of the Chessboard via Idenhaus

Excellent data quality is a prerequisite for Identity Management and Governance and not the other way around. If the quality of your data is bad, your Identity Management, Governance, and Compliance initiatives will be almost worthless to pursue and automate - let's change that! Talk to Idenhaus' experts today!

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