Top Five Posts From Idenhaus in 2021

December 22, 2021

'Tis the time of year to look back at our triumphs and see what we can bring to the new year. This last post of 2021 explores Idenhaus' top five posts of the year. Which of these was your favorite? Or did you prefer a post we made on another topic? Let us know in the comments below.

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Drumroll please, as we set out our top five posts of 2021

1. Cloud Identity Defenses - Cybersecurity and The Cloud

With the rapid expansion of SaaS applications, cloud infrastructure platforms, and cloud applications, Identity has emerged as the new perimeter where organizations must manage the permissions and access of their users to various cloud resources. Through automated tools and IAM policies, Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) provides controls to manage users' access to resources and what they can do with them. 



2. How To Leverage Identity in An Attack

As cyber attacks continue to increase in volume and sophistication, it is no longer a matter of “IF”, but WHEN, your organization will have a cyber security incident. Threat actors target accounts, users, and their associated identities to conduct malicious activities through privileged attacks and to exploit asset vulnerabilities. We discussed how identity can be leveraged, both against you and against your attackers in the event of a breach.


Information Securities Policies

3. Why Every Organization Needs Information Security Policies

Information Security Policies are not only necessary, but often required by law to comply with various regulatory requirements. Many organizations face challenges with developing and implementing these policies while remaining aligned to their unique organizational goals and objectives.  Thus, it is essential to find the right partner with the right kind of knowledge and expertise to guide you throughout the process.


Stay Ahead of Hackers with User Access Reviews – Part 1

4. Stay Ahead of Hackers with User Access Reviews 

What is the best way to organize for sensible security? Preventing problems with a small, continuous effort is a smart strategy, and while this may be intuitively obvious, we find it difficult in practice. User access reviews are an example of a smart strategy that is a key component of any solid cyber hygiene program, where business managers and IT administrators conduct formal, periodic reviews of user access to ensure that unnecessary privileges are removed.


5. 6 Reasons You Should Get Started with an Identity Management Roadmap

Organizations that are considering refreshing their Identity Management (IAM) program or implementing IAM for the first time will benefit from an IAM Roadmap exercise. An IAM roadmap engagement takes the chaos out of the program through a consistent and comprehensive methodology to assess the current state, identify challenges, and develop a clear plan to implement. Hint: you can call Idenhaus to help you out with this one.


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