Top 8 IAM and Cybersecurity Articles, September 2016

September 14, 2016

Experian releases its 2016-2017 Data Breach Response Guide, Congressional report slams OPM on data breach, and more in this biweekly brief.

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Here are the top 8 Identity Management and Cybersecurity articles from September 2016.

Experian Data Breach Resolution releases its 2016-2017 Data Breach Response Guide

Experian's annual Data Breach Response Guide has been refreshed to focus on the importance of regularly updating a response plan. In addition, this year's guide includes new content regarding the importance of looking outside of one's own organization when creating a response plan and engaging essential external partners that can offer specific expertise in the face of a breach.


Artificial Intelligence - is it the answer for identity management?

So often with data breaches it's not the management of the identity that causes the breach, but the transfer of credentials to some unknown party. While least privilege access control does afford some protection here, there are clearly shortfalls. Identity management and access control have always been two sides of a coin, but in the future AI will be the glue to bind them together to much greater effect.


Cybercrime damages expected to cost the world $6 trillion by 2021

Cybercrime will continue its stratospheric growth over the next five years, according to a recent report published by Cybersecurity Ventures. Data remains the primary hacker target. Microsoft predicts by 2020 data volumes online will be 50 times greater than today.


Congressional Report Slams OPM on Data Breach

The massive data breach at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) that exposed background investigations and fingerprint data on millions of Americans was the result of a cascading series of cybersecurity blunders from the agency’s senior leadership on down to the outdated technology used to secure the sensitive data. Read more >>


Building a World-Class Network Defense Organization

Experience has taught that alignment between processes, technologies and people is the exercise to identifying distractions and implementing focus. Here are three areas where we’ve helped organizations dispel myths that were holding them back from program progress and cybersecurity success.


3 Essential Elements for IT/OT Integration Success

Using the cybersecurity triangle, let’s look at the three essential elements of a security program: people, process, and technology. More than any other aspect of the OT/IT integration, people are the most important aspect of the equation. While all three sides are necessary, the gap which exists in the people aspect for successful OT/IT integration is the largest.


How to get a more cost-effective cyber insurance policy

A security practitioner who isn't worried about a breach is a rare find in the industry. Even if you are taking all the right steps to protect your assets, there is still a pretty good chance that your network will be compromised. Here are six steps you can take to prove you are proactively trying to reduce risk.


From IIoT Security To Quantum Encryption: 106 Cybersecurity Startups In A Market Map


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