Reasons to be Thankful for Cybersecurity, Healthcare Edition

December 1, 2021

While everyone should be thankful for their healthcare providers, not as many might be aware of how thankful they are that providers stay up to date with their cyber security. With more attacks this year than in years previous, it seems a good time to remember how thankful we are for healthcare IT services, and how integral they are. Thanks, healthcare (and healthcare's IT) Heroes!

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Thankful for Healthcare Cybersecurity, Now More Than Ever


9 out of 10 Healthcare Organizations Provide Telehealth Services, Yet Almost Half Face Patients' Mistrust Toward Privacy via DarkReading

91% of medical organizations have already implemented telehealth capabilities, with 44% starting to use them after the pandemic. Why do so many patients doubt their data privacy?

 Under Siege: How Healthcare Organizations Can Fight Back via CPO Magazine

To get ahead of cyber threats, organizations must take a proactive stance in their security strategies and implement next-generation tools and technology.

Cybersecurity Unplugged: Improving Healthcare Security via GovInfo Security

The biggest issue with healthcare security? Even pre-pandemic, healthcare suffered from a lack of unity amongst their various cyber systems. This issue will only grow with time.

3 Reasons Why Hospitals & Health Systems Struggle With Asset Management via MedCityNews Magazine

There is an ongoing debate as to whether asset management is the most important undertaking in enterprise cybersecurity or if it’s just a small but important piece of a much bigger risk reduction puzzle.

 5 Must-Have Cyber Security Policies for Your Organization via Idenhaus

It only takes one misinformed employee to click a suspicious link, or download an infected file, for the organization to suffer a breach. See what policies you should have in place to help prevent and mitigate a security breach.

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