Learning about Policy Based Access Control


Policy Based Access Control (PBAC) uses digital policies comprised of logical rules to maintain and evaluate user access dynamically. As organizations embrace digital transformation and adopt Cloud-based services, access control models grow in importance to protect the firm’s intellectual property. Role Based Access Control has been a key component of most organization’s access management strategy; […]

Unlocking the Benefits of an IAM Roadmap

benefits of an iam roadmap

In this post, Prajna Priyadarshini shares an overview of our recent webinar, “Unlocking the Benefits of an IAM Roadmap”.  Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions govern the user identity lifecycle in an organization to control access to critical information. The IAM lifecycle starts with the onboarding of users, managing transfers and promotions, and ends on […]

Taking the Chaos Out of Access Control

Access security can feel like chaos. To help bring some control to the chaos, Jerry Combs, Principal Identity Architect at Idenhaus Consulting, and Kent Purdy, Solutions Marketing Manager at NetIQ, joined forces to discuss pressing access management challenges facing organizations today in “Taking Chaos Out of Access Control”. During this 54-minute webinar, Jerry and Kent […]