Top Identity Management Videos from 2019

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What were Identity & Access Management and Cybersecurity experts watching in 2019? Let’s take a look back at our most viewed Identity Management videos from 2019. They fall into two categories: Identity Management Strategy and GDPR. You can view our entire video library here.   Why You Need an IAM Roadmap   GDPR Overview with […]

Understanding Common IDM Implementation Pitfalls

Understanding Common IDM Implementation Pitfalls

Hanno Ekdahl shares common IDM Implementation Pitfalls that organizations should avoid if they want a successful IDM launch, the first time around.   Did you know that over 50 percent of IDM projects fail the first time around? While Identity Management solutions offer a large range of benefits for organizations, the implementation of these solutions […]

Developing an IAM Roadmap Sets You on the Path to Success

developing an IAM Roadmap

Hanno Ekdahl discusses how developing an IAM Roadmap helps organizations mitigate risks to get IAM done right, the first time.  Developing an IAM roadmap is an important first step in helping your organization reap the full benefits of its Identity & Access Management investment, as well as driving organizational understanding and support. While many organizations […]

Cybersecurity Culture and the Law: What You Need to Know

cybersecurity culture

Michael Daugherty, CEO of LabMD and founder of the Cyber Education Foundation, shares why corporate cybersecurity culture is key to regulatory compliance.   In this video, Michael Daugherty discusses compliance with the law and the importance of having a cybersecurity culture built into your organization. You’ll learn more about these themes:  Overcoming the check-box mentality […]

Mini Case Study: Getting a Handle on User Data


Nicole Keaton Hart and Hanno Ekdahl share a mini case study on the importance of establishing a system of record to maintain user data quality.   Identity Management (IAM) is built around the concept of a system of record and establishing a “Gold Standard” data set for each user that is: 1) accurate, 2) actively […]

What You Need to Know About GDPR Compliance with Jodi Daniels

jodi daniels gdpr

Senior privacy consultant Jodi Daniels shares why consumer trust is a key business driver for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance. Our GDPR Overview discusses how the General Data Protection Regulation affects all companies that collect user data from and/or do business with citizens in the European Union. While GDPR compliance is often evaluated in […]

GDPR Overview with Jodi Daniels, Privacy Consultant


Privacy consultant Jodi Daniels provides an overview of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).   GDPR is the most important change in data privacy in the past 20 years and fundamentally reshapes the way data is handled across every sector. Jodi Daniels is the founder and CEO of Red Clover Advisors, a boutique data privacy consultancy, […]