5 Key Takeaways from RiskSec NY 2017

Threat intelligence and risk management headlined the RiskSec NY 2017 conference on May 2nd. This was a new event that evolved out of the SC Congress and was well produced and attended. What sets RiskSec apart from much larger events is the manageable bites of high-value content presented in personalized sessions. This offers cybersecurity professionals a means […]

11 Must-Read IAM & Cybersecurity Articles

Top Stories on Identity Management, Threat Intelligence, and Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity. This week’s Idenhaus Identity Management & Cybersecurity Review features a wide-array of topics covering identity access control, incident response, ICS/SCADA, and expert insight. Stay informed by signing up for our biweekly review of the most important IAM & Cybersec news. Subscribe to our biweekly newsletter. Here are […]

How to Properly Respond to a Cybersecurity Incident

Burlington Electric made headlines when The Washington Post reported that malware had compromised its systems and the Russians had hacked into the power grid. The incident as reported was false; it turns out that the utility had detected malware on a single laptop that was separate from its power systems and no breach had occurred. This […]

Threat Intelligence In Practice

Threat Intelligence is a long con, requiring more planning, preparation, and a longer window of interaction with the target (i.e., hacker) to execute effectively. It’s a lot like one of my favorite movies, The Sting, where Robert Redford and Paul Newman play a long con to exact revenge for the death of a friend. To […]

What Is Threat Intelligence, Anyway?

This article was authored by Idenhaus’ Director of Cybersecurity, Derek Christensen. Threat Intelligence is experiencing its 15 minutes of fame as this year’s cybersecurity buzzword. It was a session topic at last month’s RSA Conference – From an Unknown Discipline to Cyber-Buzzword – and is considered a “must have” for all security analysts. Practically everyone is going on […]