10 Most Common Identity & Access Management Stakeholders

Stakeholder engagement is arguably the most important component of a successful Identity Management project. Yet organizations often treat stakeholders as an afterthought or a fringe activity that is secondary to their technical implementation. Successful IAM projects rely on the input from a range of stakeholders to identify requirements and integrate processes and data to drive […]

Common Business Drivers for Adopting Identity Management Solutions

What are the common characteristics likely to influence a business’s decision to implement an Identity & Access Management solution? The business drivers for an IAM implementation project vary across organizations and categories, such as Finance, Healthcare, and Government. In this piece, we focus on the key drivers across industries as defined by our own survey of […]

Mastering Identity Management: Keep Your Friends Close and Your Stakeholders Closer

Stakeholders are an important asset and are critical to the success of your Identity and Access Management program. Few IT projects have such far-reaching scope as Identity Management (IAM) engagements, touching stakeholders across all business domains. The breadth of IAM’s reach is also its downfall – with new requirements springing up like mushrooms after a […]