Takeaways from the 2015 Cybersecurity Forum in Atlanta

Here are some cool takeaways from the Cybersecurity Forum with Israel and the American South hosted by Baker Donelson at Georgia Tech. The conference was broad in scope and addressed a wide range of issues in Cybersecurity across people, process, and technology. Here are some of the most impactful sound bites from the forum: Today, […]

Part 2: Defining Roles for IAM – From the Bottom Up

We believe that a two-pronged approach to roles definition is the key to implementing Role Based Access Control (RBAC) successfully. While there are tools that can automate the ‘bottom up’ approach, the old adage “Garbage In, Garbage Out” applies. If the data that you are basing your role definition on are bad, then a bottom […]

Defining Roles: The Top-Down Process in Practice

Roles Definition- Part I

Our path to well-defined roles begins with the system owner who evaluates the applications and which users should have access. When he determines that a group does not belong, for example, the accounting folks should not be on a particular application or system, he removes them…All of them. This first pass eliminates users who should […]

Part 1: Defining Roles for IAM – Begin at the Top!

Roles Definition- Part I

Implementing roles-based access control is invaluable, when implemented correctly.  Roles simplify access management for employees, contractors, and external users by incorporating the business policies and rules necessary to grant appropriate access; allowing the Identity Management solution to grant, modify and revoke access automatically. Just as importantly, roles simplify compliance as well, making it easier to […]

Mitigating the High Cost of Forgotten Passwords

Password resets comprise roughly 30% of all Help Desk calls and not only impact worker productivity, but also consume valuable IT resources from your support team. What if your associates could take charge of how they reset their passwords and eliminate unnecessary calls to the Help Desk? Password self-service based on security questions is the […]