What’s the Big Idea: Identity Management Projects that Deliver

What’s the Big Idea: Identity Management Projects that Deliver   By Hanno Ekdahl In the intricate tapestry of modern business, Identity Management (IDM) emerges as a critical thread, weaving together security, efficiency, and user experience. Identity management projects are not mere technical endeavors; they are strategic initiatives that demand a harmonious blend of design, technology, and […]

Role-based Access Control in Large Organizations

Role-based Access Control in Large Organizations By Hanno Ekdahl  As organizations grow, their ability to accurately and efficiently manage access for their users to the systems and applications they need to be effective becomes increasingly difficult. To offset this complexity, most organizations invest in an identity management solution to automate user provisioning and provide a […]

What is ChatGPT?

What is ChatGPT? Written by Chat GPT, Leah Livingston, and Ashley Nicholson At Idenhaus, we like to stay well informed on new and emerging technologies. That said, a new AI technology that has recently emerged has us impressed – and a bit cautious as well. While the amazing things that can be done with AI are […]

FedRAMP: What Is It, and How Can It Benefit You?

In the past, we discussed NIST SP 800-171, but what about securing cloud-based products and services? Let’s dig deeper. Prior to FedRAMP, each agency had to establish its own security standards and dedicate specialized resources. This would make things more complicated and make security across agencies a nightmare. Many agencies lack the funding necessary to […]

Identity Management and the Second Half of the Chessboard

by Hanno Ekdahl Ray Kurzweil coined the phrase “second half of the chessboard” when describing the point where an exponentially growing factor begins to have a significant economic impact on an organization’s overall business strategy, in particular with regard to technology. Small issues in data quality, solution design, and processes become a force multiplier at […]

Staggering Up Legacy OS Hill, Staying Ahead Of Hackers With AI & IAM and More

Sometimes, it can feel like your organization is stuck in a cybersecurity rut. Other times, your organization is actually stuck, but not in any rut- just in the legacy systems that continue to work enough to not need replacing. Legacy systems are creating plenty of extra issues for those who have to keep using them […]

Policy vs Standards vs Procedures

How can we ensure that employees and individuals inside any business use technology in the manner that the organization expects? Previously, we discussed Why Every Organization Needs Information Security Policies. Any business will take steps to secure its information assets; and how that business will do so should be documented and described in their information […]

Data Quality Issues – How They Affect Security & Your Bottom Line

by Leah Livingston Last week, we brought to light some data quality issues that are affecting all aspects of the organization. You probably asked yourself, “Wait, our poor data quality is affecting our security posture, as well as our profit margin?” The short answer is, absolutely. Remember our examples? It’s not just slow onboarding or […]

Building A New Foundation for Decentralized Identity

Written by Ron Bowron For those of us from the Apple IIe and the Windows 3.1 Generation, we all remember the days of “Granted until Denied” permissions and the simple Access Control List. Imagine having full access to the computer and all the system’s resources just by logging in?  We were gods in our own […]

Atlanta Business RadioX Interview with Idenhaus’ Hanno Ekdahl

The last two years have been tumultuous for many organizations, and we have seen an explosion in demand for cybersecurity and Identity and Access Management solutions to help them adapt. Organizations are more reliant now than ever before on their IT systems to keep up with their clients, partners, and employees. Because the demand was […]