Using Systems Thinking to Handle Errors In Your IAM Solution


Working in the trenches in HR and IAM operations, it is very easy to lose sight of the big picture. When dealing with events on a daily basis, every event and decision is usually assessed individually, only weighing its immediate effects. This often leads to losing sight of the relationships between process improvement work and […]

Why Process Is Essential for OT/IT Integration Success

IT/OT Integration success relies on alignment of people, process, and technology. Industrial control systems typically weren’t designed to be connected to the internet, so they weren’t built with cybersecurity capabilities to ward off hackers. –How to prevent hackers from taking down critical infrastructure, Business Insider Until recently, Operational Technology (OT) and IT departments operated completely separate […]

5 Must-Read Cybersecurity & IDM Articles, March 2016

Did you know the average data breach costs a company $154 per record? Or that the NY Times was hit with a malvertising campaign last weekend? It’s not always easy for Cybersecurity pros to stay on top of the latest news, so we did the legwork for you and curated five articles from around the cybersecurity […]

A Fresh Approach to Cybersecurity, Part 3

This series, What is Cybersecurity?, outlines the basic tenets of how the three areas of the cybersecurity triangle may be implemented by an organization. The cybersecurity triangle (people, process, technology) has been the focus of the series, as it provides an easy, understandable framework for discussing what comprises cybersecurity and the areas of concentration to […]