Honoring Those Who Served: Happy Memorial Day from Idenhaus

Idenhaus highlighted some healthcare heroes for Nurses’ week in May, and now we want to highlight how thankful we are to all those who have served in the military, no matter how they served. For all those still serving, we thank you as well. In this edition of the newsletter, we dig into the topics […]

NIST Situational Awareness for Electric Utilities

Situational awareness is the “voodoo” art of how to piece information together and provide a coherent picture of the true threats to your environment. NIST recently released a draft version of NIST SP 1800-7, Situational Awareness for Electric Utilities, which covers architecture requirements for integrating ICS, OT, and IT networks for an integrated analytical approach […]

2 Critical Considerations for Integrating OT/IT Integration

OT/IT Integration success can be attributed to three key elements: people, process, and technology. The integration of OT and IT environments is a challenging project for any organization. To help bring simplicity to this complex undertaking, an OT/IT integration can be analyzed through the lens of the cybersecurity triangle – people, process, and technology. These […]

Why Process Is Essential for OT/IT Integration Success

IT/OT Integration success relies on alignment of people, process, and technology. Industrial control systems typically weren’t designed to be connected to the internet, so they weren’t built with cybersecurity capabilities to ward off hackers. –How to prevent hackers from taking down critical infrastructure, Business Insider Until recently, Operational Technology (OT) and IT departments operated completely separate […]

3 Essential Elements for IT/OT Integration Success

IT/OT Integration success can be attributed to three key elements: people, process, and technology. According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, operational technology (OT) operators were the most targeted sector of industrial cyber-attacks in 2015, making IT and OT integration more important than ever for industrial businesses. The introduction of networks into the industrial space […]

Top 10 Identity Management & Cybersecurity Articles, August 2016

Every two weeks we curate the top Identity Management and Cybersecurity articles from around the industry. Today’s digest covers topics from OT/IT collaboration to DDoS and ransomware to biometrics and digital identity. Check out these 10 must-read IAM and cybersecurity articles from early August 2016. If you would prefer to receive an even shorter digest, please subscribe […]

Overcoming Operational Technology (OT) and IT Integration Challenges

In a recent vulnerability test, RedTeam Security was able to penetrate a US power grid – both online and offline – within a three day window. A quick Google search of cybersecurity and the energy sector will return thousands of results discussing how the industrial control system (ICS) security environment is in dire straights. Many […]