5 Steps to Reviving a Frankenstein Network Architecture

In Mary Shelley’s classic Frankenstein, Dr. Frankenstein builds a creature out of scavenged body parts and succeeds in bringing the creature to life. The creature goes on to try and understand its new world, but it does not function as well as Dr. Frankenstein had probably hoped. Much like the story of Frankenstein, today’s networking […]

Why Security Fatigue is Scarier than Dating Taylor Swift

The Internet Age has given us a platform that connects us to our community, financial institutions, social life, retail outlets, and entertainment. The upside of all this connectivity is that it’s easier than ever to stay in touch, pay your bills, watch a show on demand, or download music. In order to enjoy all this […]

Why Defense-in-Depth Is Critical to Cybersecurity Strategy

Since the inception of Cybersecurity twenty-plus years ago, the industry has gone through a plethora of iterations. The Internet was initially designed to be an open environment to  enable information sharing between academics and researchers. When businesses and government agencies joined the network explosion in the late 1990s, the open environment turned into a security […]

Getting Started with Data Loss Prevention: 4 Best Practices

Client A implemented DLP blocking early in the project and blocked several key business transactions. They had not defined a process to review and resolve false positives quickly, and once the business users became unhappy it led to the removal of the DLP solution. Organizations have had a tumultuous relationship with Data Loss Prevention solutions […]

A Fresh Approach to Cybersecurity, Part 1

This is the first installment of a four-part series on the equal nature approach to cybersecurity.  “If you think technology can solve your security problems, then you don’t understand the problems and you don’t understand the technology.” ~Bruce Schneier What is Cybersecurity? The answer to “What is Cybersecurity?” changes every couple of years based on […]