3 Areas of Legal Exposure After a Security Breach

legal exposure

Here are the 3 biggest areas of legal exposure following a cybersecurity breach. The risk of liability and reputational damage associated with cybersecurity incidents has only grown over the last few years; every sized company is a potential target. Even more troubling is the legal exposure that comes from a data security incident involving the […]

Reducing Your Legal Exposure After a Cybersecurity Incident


How can your organization reduce its legal exposure immediately following a data breach? Cybersecurity events like data breaches make headlines regularly and cost businesses millions in fines and lawsuits. Breach announcements topple executives, destroy shareholder confidence, push customers away, invite regulatory scrutiny, and inflict lasting damage to organizations. Right after a cybersecurity incident, everyone is […]

5 Most Common Pre-Breach Cybersecurity Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

pre-breach cybersecurity mistake

Cyber law attorney Doug Meal shares the 5 most common pre-breach cybersecurity mistakes companies make and how to avoid them. How can your organization protect itself from legal exposure in the event of a Cybersecurity Breach? In Atlanta last week, the Cyber Education Foundation hosted the Symposium on Cyber Culture and Team Building.¬†Cybersecurity is about […]