Attack Surface Management

Attack Surface Management   Do you have 100% of your organization’s attack surface inventoried? No, seriously. Do you know every device that’s logging into your network, including who it is, and when? Have you checked every proverbial door, window… basement, attic, heck, every nook and cranny? I would argue: probably not. In today’s environment, especially […]

Policy vs Standards vs Procedures

How can we ensure that employees and individuals inside any business use technology in the manner that the organization expects? Previously, we discussed Why Every Organization Needs Information Security Policies. Any business will take steps to secure its information assets; and how that business will do so should be documented and described in their information […]

6 Common Identity Challenges That Can Be Addressed In An IAM Strategy

Written by Hanno Ekdahl  When it comes to Idenhaus, you would be right to assume that we take cybersecurity and identity management seriously. We like to think of Identity and Access Management as more than just a way to keep an organization secure, it’s a way of life.  It is something our employees, partners, and […]

Atlanta Business RadioX Interview with Idenhaus’ Hanno Ekdahl

The last two years have been tumultuous for many organizations, and we have seen an explosion in demand for cybersecurity and Identity and Access Management solutions to help them adapt. Organizations are more reliant now than ever before on their IT systems to keep up with their clients, partners, and employees. Because the demand was […]

Why Every Organization Needs Information Security Policies

Information Securities Policies

According to a study conducted by the University of Maryland, hackers are attacking computers connected to the Internet every 39 seconds, with online computers attacked on average 2,244 times a day. As the Worldwide Information Security Market is forecast to reach 170.4 billion in 2022 (Gartner), it is now not a question of “If” an […]

Biweekly Curated Articles for Healthcare IAM Professionals

What better way to stay fresh this summer than a round of Idenhaus cybersecurity updates? We explore another of the common pre-breach mistakes organizations make, the shift to 5G, and proactive cybersecurity in the healthcare sector for this week’s digest of articles for Healthcare IAM professionals. Thank you for checking out our biweekly digest of […]

6 Reasons Why Identity and Access Management Projects Fail

Read 6 reasons why identity and access management projects fail

Learn why Identity and Access Management projects fail and how to prevent this from happening to your organization.  In 2020, organizations had to rapidly adapt to the realities of the pandemic and support remote work for their employees and contractors. This dramatic shift created challenges managing user identities and group accounts, and it also introduced […]

Understanding Common IDM Implementation Pitfalls

Understanding Common IDM Implementation Pitfalls

Hanno Ekdahl shares common IDM Implementation Pitfalls that organizations should avoid if they want a successful IDM launch, the first time around.   Did you know that over 50 percent of IDM projects fail the first time around? While Identity Management solutions offer a large range of benefits for organizations, the implementation of these solutions […]

Systems Thinking and Organization Modus Operandi

systems thinking

Stop optimizing the parts instead of the whole. Learn how to apply Systems Thinking to your Identity Management strategy.   As organizations grow, they eventually cross a threshold where they can no longer afford to manually administer and manage user access; at this point, they must find a way to automate routine user administration tasks. […]

7 Powerful Characteristics of a Strategic IAM Assessment

Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems have revolutionized how IT departments and businesses operate. Historically, companies were guilty of using multiple management tools that don’t interact with each other to manage user access from worker onboarding through separation. While this model can work for smaller organizations, it typically leads to bad data quality, processing errors, […]