Mastering Identity Management: Is HR Creating a Hostile Work Environment?

HR Rebellion

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a unique IT solution because of its far-reaching scope. IAM touches everyone and everything in an organization.  Its reach extends from HR processes to the physical and system access of each individual. Once IAM goes live, the entire employee lifecycle is driven by the HR team and how they […]

Identity Management Success Starts with Your Stakeholders

Stakeholder engagement is arguably the most important component of a successful Identity Management project.   Identity Management (IAM) programs often originate within the IT security function when the need arises to automate routine user administration tasks, support audit and compliance requirements, and integrate with key systems. Because of this, IAM programs are often approached as […]

Using Systems Thinking to Handle Errors In Your IAM Solution


Working in the trenches in HR and IAM operations, it is very easy to lose sight of the big picture. When dealing with events on a daily basis, every event and decision is usually assessed individually, only weighing its immediate effects. This often leads to losing sight of the relationships between process improvement work and […]

How to Connect HR Processes to Identity Management, Part 1

In our previous blog Connecting Human Resource Process and Data to Identity Management, we outlined the fundamental principles of creating a smooth on/off-boarding process for employees and contractors. Wasteful and inefficient on-boarding processes cost companies time, effort, and money. They also cost employee goodwill; employees come to despise processes that don’t work or that don’t […]

Mastering Identity Management: The Data Quality Divide

Data quality in HRIS systems can be defined in a number of ways and will have a significant impact on how Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions work in the organization and how data quality is managed across the IT environment. From HR or business operations perspective, data is often evaluated based on whether it […]

How Your HR Processes Drive Data Quality

Data Quality Process metrics

Did you know that HR processes drive most of the Identity Management lifecycle for employees and contractors? These processes have a direct impact on how effective an organization is at managing user access and, to a large extent, productivity. As organizations grow and need to function at scale, small defects in the process can lead to […]

9 Highly Informative Access Management Articles from April 2018


Stay abreast of the latest industry news, cyber attacks, and Identity Management thinking with the Idenhaus Identity & Access Management digest. We curate the best IAM/IDM, IoT, Identity Governance/Federation, & Cyber Security articles to help you navigate the ever-changing IT landscape. Subscribe to our biweekly newsletter here. Here are 9 informative cybersecurity articles from April 2018. Enjoy!   Reduce cloud IT management […]

Connecting Human Resource Process and Data to Identity Management


Identity & Access Management (IAM) was first imagined as a centralized platform that would manage user access throughout the entire employee lifecycle, from hire to separation. IAM was designed to automate routine administrative tasks like creating user accounts and giving employees application access, all in a platform that also incorporated the business’s unique rules, policies, […]

Mastering Identity Management: When Your HRIS System Falls Short

Identity Management (IAM) is built around the concept of establishing a “Gold Standard” data set for each user that is: 1) accurate, 2) actively maintained, and 3) available. In IAM, answering the question “Who are you?” depends on having access to the most current information for each user (employee or contractor) on the network. Usually, […]