Data Quality – Why You Can’t Ignore It Any Longer

by Leah Livingston Managing your organization’s data can seem like a daunting task, especially after years of piecemeal processes, applications and add-ons have compounded upon one another. Once in this type of situation, getting your “house in order” can seem overwhelming and nearly impossible. However, just like the foundation of your home, ignoring that big […]

Healthcare and Cybersecurity, May They Stay Hand in Hand

While May isn’t a magical “primetime” for cybersecurity in healthcare, we at Idenhaus think cybersecurity should be highlighted every month. How prepared is your clinic or organization for a cybersecurity issue, whether that’s a case of phishing, malware, a data breech, or an insider threat? Idenhaus is here to help you prepare with some articles […]

Healthcare Cybersecurity Wrap for 2021

With 2022 just around the corner, there’s nothing quite like looking at what the trends for the next year might be in healthcare, cybersecurity, and the dynamic systems that surround them both. Whether the future is zero-trust, or if we find a more promising avenue, these security ideas will spread through 2022 and beyond. Idenhaus […]

Happy Healthcare & Cybersecurity Holidays From Idenhaus

With the festive season comes many types of dangers, some more expected than others. In healthcare, holidays always mean an uptick in ER visits, but fewer healthcare providers might be thinking about their cyber security during the holidays. With less predictable staffing, shorter hours, and more people reaching out for help, healthcare cybersecurity can sometimes […]

Atlanta Business RadioX Interview with Idenhaus’ Hanno Ekdahl

The last two years have been tumultuous for many organizations, and we have seen an explosion in demand for cybersecurity and Identity and Access Management solutions to help them adapt. Organizations are more reliant now than ever before on their IT systems to keep up with their clients, partners, and employees. Because the demand was […]

Reasons to be Thankful for Cybersecurity, Healthcare Edition

While everyone should be thankful for their healthcare providers, not as many might be aware of how thankful they are that providers stay up to date with their cyber security. With more attacks this year than in years previous, it seems a good time to remember how thankful we are for healthcare IT services, and […]

Holiday Reading for Healthcare IAM Professionals

This week, we check out several reasons why, despite more security spending and defenses, ransomware and malware attacks are on the rise. We’ll look into methods for healthcare organizations to keep ahead of this dangerous curve, and how effective those methods have been in 2021 so far. All this and more with Idenhaus! Thank you […]

Newly Gathered Healthcare Articles for IAM Professionals

This week, we’re learning more about FIN12, an aggressive and sneaky new form of Smishing, or SMS-phishing, and how to keep from that. Hint: don’t click links on your phone from anyone you don’t recognize. We also take a look at the new threats against the healthcare sector, and how your organizations can stay clear […]

Cybersecurity and Healthcare Updates

This week, we explore the new trend of distributed denial of service (ddos) attacks on the healthcare sector,  the major skills gap in healthcare IT cybersecurity training, and more in our healthcare-focused cybersecurity update.  Thank you for checking out our biweekly digest of articles for healthcare IAM professionals. We try to curate articles of interest […]