FedRAMP: What Is It, and How Can It Benefit You?

In the past, we discussed NIST SP 800-171, but what about securing cloud-based products and services? Let’s dig deeper. Prior to FedRAMP, each agency had to establish its own security standards and dedicate specialized resources. This would make things more complicated and make security across agencies a nightmare. Many agencies lack the funding necessary to […]

Attack Surface Management

Attack Surface Management   Do you have 100% of your organization’s attack surface inventoried? No, seriously. Do you know every device that’s logging into your network, including who it is, and when? Have you checked every proverbial door, window… basement, attic, heck, every nook and cranny? I would argue: probably not. In today’s environment, especially […]

Identity Management and the Second Half of the Chessboard

by Hanno Ekdahl Ray Kurzweil coined the phrase “second half of the chessboard” when describing the point where an exponentially growing factor begins to have a significant economic impact on an organization’s overall business strategy, in particular with regard to technology. Small issues in data quality, solution design, and processes become a force multiplier at […]

6 Common Identity Challenges That Can Be Addressed In An IAM Strategy

Written by Hanno Ekdahl  When it comes to Idenhaus, you would be right to assume that we take cybersecurity and identity management seriously. We like to think of Identity and Access Management as more than just a way to keep an organization secure, it’s a way of life.  It is something our employees, partners, and […]

5 Benefits of IAM Roadmaps

IAM Roadmaps

Learn how IAM Roadmaps ensure your Identity Management project is successful, the first time around. Technology is changing at an accelerating pace. Traditional approaches to strategic IT planning are no longer sufficient for organizations to be successful. Strategic plans determine the overall direction of a program and establish its principle goals; however, these plans rarely […]

3 Areas of Legal Exposure After a Security Breach

legal exposure

Here are the 3 biggest areas of legal exposure following a cybersecurity breach. The risk of liability and reputational damage associated with cybersecurity incidents has only grown over the last few years; every sized company is a potential target. Even more troubling is the legal exposure that comes from a data security incident involving the […]

How to Define Your Path to Identity Management Success

Identity Management Success

An IAM Assessment helps guide your program to Identity Management success, the first time around. The most common benefit from Identity Management is moving from high-touch, human-driven processes to a policy-driven, automated approach for identity lifecycle management. Considering that more than fifty percent (50%) of IAM implementations fail the first time around, this isn’t a […]

3 Key Considerations for Your Healthcare IAM Roadmap

healthcare iam roadmap

Learn how a Healthcare IAM Roadmap can set your organization on the path to a successful Identity Management implementation. Dramatic changes are required in healthcare organizations to improve the quality of patient outcomes, increase access to care, protect privacy, and reduce costs in light of new healthcare technologies, including telemedicine and online resources supporting patient […]

Highlights from Gartner IAM Summit 2019 #GartnerIAM

gartner iam summit 2019

Last week, the Idenhaus team joined almost 2,000 Identity and Access Management experts, vendors, and practitioners at the annual Gartner IAM Summit in Las Vegas. This is our third year attending the event and, as always, we found immense value in the educational tracks and networking opportunities. This year’s conference theme was “Keys to IAM […]

Identity Management: Managing User Access Across the Worker Lifecycle

Identity Management Managing User Access Across the Worker Lifecycle

Nicole Keaton Hart and Hanno Ekdahl discuss managing user access across the worker lifecycle.  While many organizations focus on tapping into the power of Identity Management during the onboarding and creation of a worker, they frequently overlook the complexity of managing user access when a worker makes lateral moves across the organization. In this video, […]