3 Liability Risks from Security Breaches

Liability Risks from Security Breaches

Organizations that are breached are in an unusual position as both the victim of a crime and as a responsible party for the damages caused by the hacker. The legal exposure rises from the fact that either a regulator or a private litigant (or both) want to hold your company responsible for the crime that […]

How Ryder Approaches Enterprise Cyber Risk Management

Ryder does more than just lease and rent trucks. In addition to having more than 200,000 trucks on the road, the company also offers supply chain management, fleet management, and small business services. As the company’s business model has evolved, so has the role of Risk Management within the organization. At the recent Executive Risk Summit hosted […]

5 Key Takeaways from RiskSec NY 2017

Threat intelligence and risk management headlined the RiskSec NY 2017 conference on May 2nd. This was a new event that evolved out of the SC Congress and was well produced and attended. What sets RiskSec apart from much larger events is the manageable bites of high-value content presented in personalized sessions. This offers cybersecurity professionals a means […]

Key Takeaways from Baldrige Cybersecurity Excellence Builder Workshop

Last weekend, I attended the Baldrige Cybersecurity Excellence Builder workshop (BCEB), which was offered in conjunction with the annual Quest for Excellence Conference®. This interactive workshop illustrated practical ways to use BCEB to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of cybersecurity risk management programs, the cybersecurity results achieved, as well as identifying opportunities to improve risk […]