How Do I Become CMMC Certified?

Last week, we learned what CMMC is, all the revisions you’ve been hearing about, and when all defense industrial case (DIB) contractors are required to be CMMC 2.0 compliant. By the way, it’s May 2023. Today, we’re going to walk through what controls and requirements are, and how to get CMMC 2.0 certified. Creating a […]

What is Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)?

First: The Definition of a Maturity Model. Okay, before we jump into CMMC, it’s important to understand what a maturity model is… which is a tool to measure the ability of an organization to continuously improve in a particular discipline. Organizations use these frameworks as a baseline to gauge their current state in a specific […]

Identity and Orchestration, New Cybersecurity Amendments in New York, and More

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – cybersecurity is made up of all the different people who use it, and sometimes even those who abuse it. This week we want to again highlight the role that insider threats can play on your organization’s cybersecurity. While the ransomware trend overall seems to be […]

Cybersecurity Basics, and Why They Matter

It may seem like a simple task for those who know cybersecurity in and out, but explaining concepts like zero trust, authorization, and decentralized identity to those who don’t know computers very well can make everyone involved’s eyes cross and feel like their brains are about to dribble out of their ears. Here at Idenhaus, […]

Cybersecurity in Healthcare: Why It Matters and How It Helps

Thank you for checking out our biweekly digest of articles for healthcare IAM professionals. We try to curate articles of interest for you, and would love to hear your feedback! Leave us a comment to tell us which article was the most help to you. As the Internet of Things (IoT) and the medical IoMT […]

New Federal Reporting Requirements, California’s Privacy Rules Trickling Down and More

Thanks, as always, for checking out our biweekly digest of articles for Identity Management Professionals. Click here to view the healthcare-focused digest. Peruse our resources for webinars, case studies, infographics, and educational videos. Subscribe to our Identity Management biweekly and/or our Healthcare Cybersecurity and IAM digest, delivered biweekly on Tuesdays at 8PM ET. New Federal Reporting Requirements Demand Timely and Accurate Cyber-intelligence via CPO […]

Attack Surface Management

Attack Surface Management   Do you have 100% of your organization’s attack surface inventoried? No, seriously. Do you know every device that’s logging into your network, including who it is, and when? Have you checked every proverbial door, window… basement, attic, heck, every nook and cranny? I would argue: probably not. In today’s environment, especially […]

Wishing All Our Cybersecurity People A Happy Holiday Week

With big holidays come the big threats- whether that threat is on a personal scale, or an enterprise scale is the question. While most people know that they need to keep a wary eye out for extra scams at holidays, others are distracted, overworked or over-stressed, and they might need a refresher. Let’s all look […]