Data Mapping for Identity Management


The underlying goal of any Identity & Access Management (IAM) project is to provide an efficient and streamlined approach to user management across the enterprise. For many organizations, access management processes are slow and inconsistent because user provisioning / de-provisioning is performed manually. Identity management offers a better way. Robust IAM solutions offer a central […]

How Data Maps Prevent Identity Management Mistakes

Why do so many Identity Management implementations fail the first time? Identity Management (IAM) solutions often fail to deliver results because organizations do not develop a Data Map up front as part of their Requirements and Design. Create Data Maps – Define the flow of data from the Authoritative Source to the Central Repository and on to Active […]

3 Must-Take Steps to Getting User Data Right

Maintaining data quality is the single most important principle of a functioning Identity Management solution. In fact, realizing the benefits of automated user provisioning and access management processes depends on it. Unfortunately, there is a huge performance penalty for getting the data wrong that users will not accept – putting your IAM program at risk […]