A Fresh Approach to Cybersecurity, Part 4

Technology is a third rail because the implementation of technology is by far the easiest thing to mess up for any organization and no one wants to talk about it. This is the last installment of the four-part “What is Cybersecurity?” series. While no ground-breaking truths have been uncovered, we’ve presented information that is necessary for leadership and […]

A Fresh Approach to Cybersecurity, Part 3

This series, What is Cybersecurity?, outlines the basic tenets of how the three areas of the cybersecurity triangle may be implemented by an organization. The cybersecurity triangle (people, process, technology) has been the focus of the series, as it provides an easy, understandable framework for discussing what comprises cybersecurity and the areas of concentration to […]

A Fresh Approach to Cybersecurity, Part 2

This four-part What is Cybersecurity? series discusses the impact of cybersecurity to an organization and the three approaches which must be addressed to achieve cybersecurity nirvana. Yet cybersecurity nirvana is truly never attainable due to the always evolving nature of cybersecurity. The evolution of cybersecurity is directly attributable to one area: people. In the first part […]