What is Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)?

First: The Definition of a Maturity Model. Okay, before we jump into CMMC, it’s important to understand what a maturity model is… which is a tool to measure the ability of an organization to continuously improve in a particular discipline. Organizations use these frameworks as a baseline to gauge their current state in a specific […]

8 Insightful Articles on Access Management, Privacy, & Cybersecurity, December 2016

Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment, Privileged Access Management, and the Role of Cybersecurity in Mergers and Acquisitions Every two weeks we release a curated digest of the most interesting and informative articles covering IAM, Cybersecurity, Governance, ICS/SCADA, compliance, privacy, and more across a range of industries. If you would prefer to receive this via email (and a […]

The One Cybersecurity Assessment Every Organization Needs

Do a quick google search of cybersecurity assessments and you’ll find dozens of results that range from online surveys to downloadable diagnostics. Because cybersecurity assessment is a broad term and can account for a multitude of activities, for the purpose of this article, we are defining a cybersecurity assessment as an evaluation of your cybersecurity program. […]