Mastering Identity Management: Is HR Creating a Hostile Work Environment?

HR Rebellion

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a unique IT solution because of its far-reaching scope. IAM touches everyone and everything in an organization.  Its reach extends from HR processes to the physical and system access of each individual. Once IAM goes live, the entire employee lifecycle is driven by the HR team and how they […]

Why IDM is the Secret to Creating the Onboarding of the Future


Automation is the key to making the onboarding process—a critical business process—work for your organization. But how do you decide what parts of the process are worth the effort to automate? You start by making a list of the critical elements—access rights and assets—that employees and contractors need to start work. Not all departments will agree […]

How to Connect HR Processes to Identity Management, Part 1

In our previous blog Connecting Human Resource Process and Data to Identity Management, we outlined the fundamental principles of creating a smooth on/off-boarding process for employees and contractors. Wasteful and inefficient on-boarding processes cost companies time, effort, and money. They also cost employee goodwill; employees come to despise processes that don’t work or that don’t […]

How Your HR Processes Drive Data Quality

Data Quality Process metrics

Did you know that HR processes drive most of the Identity Management lifecycle for employees and contractors? These processes have a direct impact on how effective an organization is at managing user access and, to a large extent, productivity. As organizations grow and need to function at scale, small defects in the process can lead to […]

Connecting Human Resource Process and Data to Identity Management


Identity & Access Management (IAM) was first imagined as a centralized platform that would manage user access throughout the entire employee lifecycle, from hire to separation. IAM was designed to automate routine administrative tasks like creating user accounts and giving employees application access, all in a platform that also incorporated the business’s unique rules, policies, […]