Staggering Up Legacy OS Hill, Staying Ahead Of Hackers With AI & IAM and More

June 14, 2022

Sometimes, it can feel like your organization is stuck in a cybersecurity rut. Other times, your organization is actually stuck, but not in any rut- just in the legacy systems that continue to work enough to not need replacing. Legacy systems are creating plenty of extra issues for those who have to keep using them (which is most everyone, for the time being.) How can you keep ahead of hackers who rely on those legacy system holes and hideouts? Let's dig into it for this edition of the Idenhaus Cybersecurity Newsletter.

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Legacies Are Great, Until They Aren't - How To Keep Updated


Putting Customers on an Access Control Migration Path via Security InfoWatch

How can you convince customers that updating their access control system is worth the effort? And what can you do to ensure migration will happen smoothly and successfully? Let's discuss several common end-user objections to migrating to a newer access control system, along with some tips to overcome them.

How AI Is Driving IAM’s Shift To Digital Identity via VentureBeat

While IAM has historically been a part of the IT plumbing to manage employee access within companies, it has emerged as a technology with a significant impact on all users — employees, consumers, citizens and others — in the new post-pandemic digital world that is evolving.

Even the Most Advanced Threats Rely on Unpatched Systems via Hacker News

While hackers and hacking software have grown more advanced with time, much of their target audience involves unpatched legacy systems- even sophisticated tools rely on unpatched software to gain a foothold. Consistently patching the OS and applications you depend on is, therefore, your very first port of call. Stay safe: stay updated.

Cloud Data Security: Securing Data Stored In The Cloud  via Crowdstrike

Many companies may not realize that their existing security strategy and legacy tooling, such as firewalls, do not protect assets hosted in the cloud. For this reason, organizations must fundamentally reconsider their security posture and update it to meet the security requirements of this new environment.

Policy vs Standards vs Procedures via Idenhaus

What difference does a policy make to an organization's cybersecurity? How effective is a policy versus a Standard or a procedure? How can these terms, which seem so simple, have so much to do with cybersecurity? Let's take a look into the differences between what makes a policy vs a standard vs a procedure. Still confused? Talk to Idenhaus today to clear it all up: You can schedule some time with one of our experts here.

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