Sizzling Summer Security Updates for Healthcare IAM

June 29, 2021
Sizzling Summer Reads

What better way to beat the heat as we end June than a round of cybersecurity updates? We explore the common pre-breach mistakes organizations make, and the consequences of ransomware in the healthcare sector in this week's digest of articles for Healthcare IAM professionals.

Sizzling Summer Reads

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Sizzling Summer Cybersecurity Articles for Healthcare IAM Professionals


Common Pre-Breach Mistakes That Organizations Make With Cyber Security via Idenhaus

Dealing with the fallout of a cyber breach can feel a bit like before and aftermath. Help protect your organization by rehashing a few simple ways to help boost your cybersecurity plans and keep your data, as well as your sanity intact. Don't start the summer with a breach!

Most Health Organizations Hit by Ransomware Had Their Data Encrypted by Hackers via MedCity News

Not only is restoring data a key challenge following ransomware attacks but so is managing the cost, with the total recovery cost averaging $1.27 million for healthcare organizations. Most healthcare organizations are not placing their faith in cybersecurity insurance alone. About 89% said they have a malware incident recovery plan in place. About half (49%) have a full and detailed plan and 40% have a partially developed plan.

OIG: Medicare Lacks Oversight of Cybersecurity for Medical Devices via HealthITSecurity

Without adequate cybersecurity, networked medical devices can be hacked and cause harm to patients. Networked medical devices include systems that connect to the internet and hospital networks, including electrocardiographic, laboratory information, magnetic resonance, ultrasound, and endoscopy systems. These devices often connect to a hospital’s EHR system, meaning they are another entry point for hackers to get access to valuable health data.

More than 1/3 of Health Organizations Hit by Ransomware in 2020 via HealthcareDive

Healthcare organizations are among the most likely to pay a ransom to recover their data, but paying a ransom is no certainty that data will be recovered — one reason why giving into demands for ransom is highly discouraged by the feds and cybersecurity experts. Organizations that shelled out ransoms on average received just 65% of their data, while another third was left unaccessible.

CIOs Tackle Barriers to Innovation, Telehealth Integration, Analytics and More via HealthcareIT News

Dr. Bruce Darrow of the prominent Mount Sinai Health System said that he and his team learned since early 2020 that structural, nontechnical barriers to innovation are a big reason why technical innovation is so challenging. The need to integrate telemedicine quickly and an opportunity for a better patient care model caused a digital transformation road map to accelerate. As well, the COVID-19 crisis put laser focus on how clear it is that data and advanced analytics can be powerful weapons in the fight against pandemics.

The Cybersecurity 202: Chris Krebs sees a big future for CISA via Washington Post

As cyberattacks rise against U.S. industries and increasingly threaten economic security and public safety, Krebs sees a greater role for CISA helping industries protect themselves from hackers and possibly policing minimum cybersecurity requirements in highly critical sectors.

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