Security Priorities, Zero Trust (Again!) and Employee or Insider: Cybersecurity News for May

May 5, 2022

If April brings cybersecurity showers, does that mean that May would bring cybersecurity flowers? At Idenhaus, we think so! The good news is that while the numbers are staying fairly steady as far as breaches, the amount of cybersecurity planning and ramp-up we are seeing is very promising. The government is looking to help those who want to learn more about business cybersecurity, while we at Idenhaus are always happy to help you plan a move to Zero Trust. We have collected some articles we hope will help you learn more- but if you have any questions, feel free to reach out. We're always here to answer questions!

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May the Cybersecurity Force Be With You


6 Information Governance Best Practices via TechTarget

An information governance plan ensures that an organization's content lifecycle meets compliance and business needs. Best practices can help organizations craft an effective plan.

Achieving Zero Trust Requires Changing Data Security Views via Federal News Network

Achieving a secure zero trust environment is not complete with one item or action, it requires a crucial shift in how government agencies and commercial enterprises view and execute network security, starting with contextualizing network activity.

Employees vs. Insiders: What’s the Difference and Why Should Businesses Care? via ToolBox

How frequently do incidents of insider theft occur? To be more specific, do companies differentiate between insiders and outsiders when granting access rights? Here’s a long, hard look at the state of affairs.

2022 Security Priorities: Staffing and Remote Work via DarkReading

The alert underscores how important it is for enterprises to prepare to address these kinds of IoT and OT security advisories quickly and thoroughly, before adversaries can take advantage of them.

How HR Processes Can Work in Tandem with Identity Management  via Idenhaus

Human Resources touches all aspects of your organization- why not make sure it works in tandem with your security processes, instead of working against them? Hanno Ekdahl gives some good advice about how to help keep them working together- need more detailed advice? Let's chat!

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