Highlights from the SailPoint Sales Kickoff 2020 #SKO2020

February 5, 2020


I recently attended the SailPoint Sales Kickoff #SKO2020 conference in Austin, TX where SailPoint’s CEO/Founder Mark McClain set the course for what was shared over the next four days with his message of: One vision - One solution - One message - One team.

This year's event featured the theme “UNSTOPPABLE”. SailPoint shared their vision for Unstoppable Innovation with how Predictive Identity is shaping the future of security. In an era where "hackers don't break-in, they log in," Identity is the new firewall - and the importance of adopting an identity-first cybersecurity strategy played out in many ways over the next several days.

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SailPoint Sales Kickoff Highlights #SKO2020

The agenda consisted of plenary sessions to highlight the SailPoint’s latest developments and innovations, breakout sessions to foster new cooperation and partnerships, and technical training exercises at the end of the week to enhance the capabilities of the identity management practitioners. The goal was to make attendees into Unstoppable Partners, and SailPoint’s Technical Training during the last two days of #SKO2020 were filled with demonstrations, tales from the trenches, tough questions from the audience, and trustworthy advice and answers from the presenters. A hands-on session with the product allowed us to build solutions (quickly!) and learn in small teams.


SailPoint also celebrated its Unstoppable Partners with well-deserved recognition and shared their upcoming programs to “deepen the vital relationship”. 

Several times during the conference, this quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes came to mind - "Man's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions." It was exciting to see what's new and what's next at SailPoint. Thank you for the "Welcome Aboard!"


This article was authored by Jim Marshall, IAM specialist at Idenhaus Consulting.


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