November Reading for IAM Professionals

November 5, 2021

This week, we look at a comparison of cybersecurity to the popular show The Squid Games, talk about removing admin privileges (without teeing anyone off), and the new use for a Civil War era government Act that is going to start applying to cybersecurity. Join us for all this and more...

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Reading for Cybersecurity Professionals


What Squid Game Teaches Us About Cybersecurity via Dark Reading

Much like the players of the Squid Game — who must find a way to win at a series of children's games without knowing what game they will be subjected to until they start playing — security professionals must find ways to defend their organizations against unforeseen threats.

How To Remove Admin Privileges Without Teeing People Off via ITBrief Australia

Administrative privileges have long been a prickly subject between IT teams wanting to secure corporate networks and employees wanting to go about their jobs, hassle free. Learn more about how to do it gracefully, here.

U.S. Government to Sue for False Cybersecurity Claims via SecureWorld

The False Claims Act was enacted during the Civil War, and it prohibits "knowingly submitting or causing the submission of false claims to the government." It also permits the government to recover three times its losses, plus a penalty for each false claim. Now, the government seeks to use the FCA for cybersecurity. 

Combatting The Rising Cyber Threat In Banks via International Banker Online

When a bank falls victim to a cyber-attack, the impact extends beyond potential financial damages; it can also significantly impact customer loyalty, result in regulatory penalties and damage the organization’s reputation. Banks also host a tremendous amount of personal customer data, itself valuable even without the theft of funds, and that data must be protected as well.

IAM Best Practices: Initial Population Of ID Stores via Idenhaus

Identity Management solutions are intended to help make life easier, not more difficult. However, when not properly implemented, solutions that are designed to help can seem more like a hindrance. Today we talk best practices for ID stores, a basic component of a good overall IAM solution.

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