National Institute of Standards
and Technology


Our seasoned professionals deliver meticulous assessments covering NIST 800-171 and NIST CSF. We understand the urgency and budget constraints organizations face, and our commitment is to conduct high-quality assessments promptly and cost-effectively. With a keen eye on every NIST control family, our assessments provide detailed insights into your compliance status, empowering your organization with a comprehensive report beyond simple checkboxes and offering strategic guidance for strengthening your security posture.

Elevate your NIST compliance journey with confidence and choose Idenhaus for your assessment.

SOC Type 2

Our expert consultants specialize in guiding organizations through comprehensive SOC 2 assessments. Leverage our experience to meet SOC 2 standards and obtain an opinion letter to satisfy third-party stakeholders that your organization is compliant. Our approach ensures compliance and gets your security "house in order" before engaging a more expensive CPA firm. Idenhaus is not a CPA firm, so we cannot offer an official SOC 2 audit finding, but we can help you get through the processes around assessments and audits.

Trust Idenhaus to navigate the intricacies of SOC 2 assessments and deliver comprehensive insights that prepare for a seamless certification process. Elevate your security standards with Idenhaus, where expertise meets practicality.


While achieving ISO certification may be challenging, it offers organizations a pathway to better security and builds trust with customers and business partners- particularly when dealing with sensitive information. Since meeting compliance requirements and conducting audits consumes much time and internal resources, most organizations hire a consultant rather than divert their staff's valuable time and energy.

We provide expert guidance to set up your program, define a roadmap to compliance, and prepare you for your certification audit. We also can help you maintain your ISO 27001 certification with ongoing support for operating the ISMS, managing information risk, continuously improving your security posture, and running your internal audit program.