Newly Gathered Healthcare Articles for IAM Professionals

October 20, 2021

This week, we're learning more about FIN12, an aggressive and sneaky new form of Smishing, or SMS-phishing, and how to keep from that. Hint: don't click links on your phone from anyone you don't recognize. We also take a look at the new threats against the healthcare sector, and how your organizations can stay clear of them. If you have legacy devices, now is a good time to look into protecting them from hackers... All that and more!

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Crisp Autumnal Reads for Healthcare IAM Professionals


Cyber Criminals Focusing on Clinics + Business Associates via National Law Review

As hospital systems become more hardened to cyber-attacks, cyber criminals are focusing their efforts on smaller providers, such as outpatient clinics, specialty clinics and business associates. Don't become a statistic, stay up to date and secure.

FIN12: The Prolific Ransomware Intrusion Threat Actor That Has Aggressively Pursued Healthcare Targets  via Mandiant

FIN12 is an aggressive, financially motivated threat actor behind prolific ransomware attacks since at least October 2018. How can you secure your organization? (Idenhaus can help!)

Efforts to Incentivize Healthcare Sector Cyber Investments via GovInfo Security

Federal legislation signed into law earlier this year amending the HITECH Act could help incentivize many healthcare sector entities to bolster their cybersecurity programs, could you be part of that?

Protecting Legacy Devices Against Cyberthreats via DotMed

If your organization utilizes legacy devices - those unsupported or patched anymore by their manufacturer - need to keep a wary eye out, as those are fast becoming a vector for threat actors.

Will A Software Bill of Materials Help Or Hurt Medical Device Cybersecurity? via HealthCareDive

The concept of a software "bill of materials" borrows from manufacturing systems that track all the components of a product that must come together in the production process. Likewise, an SBOM ensures that all the software components and specifications are disclosed so that healthcare organizations have a solid grasp of what software they are running so they can better identify and manage vulnerabilities.

We’ve all done it- filled out a casual quiz on social media, or answered silly questions which, thinking about it, might be answers to those security questions they ask when you login… Let’s have a look at the reason behind security questions, and then ask ourselves: how can we remember all of this?


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