Honoring Those Who Served: Happy Memorial Day from Idenhaus

May 31, 2022

Idenhaus highlighted some healthcare heroes for Nurses' week in May, and now we want to highlight how thankful we are to all those who have served in the military, no matter how they served. For all those still serving, we thank you as well.

In this edition of the newsletter, we dig into the topics of business and cybersecurity. The balance between business and security has always been a tricky one, but with today's online business model, what can you do to keep that balance still? Learn more about how technology can help, or hinder, you efforts to get your organization in line. Whether it's data quality issues, or difficulties delineating a security hierarchy, you'll find something here for you. Need some more detailed advice? Talk to Idenhaus today and we'll get you set on a straighter security course. Unless you like curves, dips, and loop-de-loops. We like to have fun sometimes too.

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A Big Thank You To All Who Have Served


What Good Is Visibility Without Enforcement? via Security Magazine

The mantra within the IT SecOps community regarding cloud security is that visibility into digital identities, access privileges and authentication processes is critical in securing cloud assets, data, and DevOps pipelines. When is that access enforced, and how does that affect your security?

What's The Difference Between Zero Trust Vs. Defense In Depth? via TechTarget

Zero-trust and defense-in-depth strategies are not an either-or situation. Both methodologies can simultaneously be applied to the same enterprise. Want to know how? Talk to Idenhaus today, and we can do a deep dive specific to your organization's needs and cyber plan.

FBI: 2021 Business Email Compromise Losses Hit $4.3 Billion via BankInfoSecurity

The latest edition of the ISMG Security Report discusses how the leader of a "transnational cybercrime syndicate" has been arrested in Nigeria, according to Interpol. It also shares updates on U.S. privacy laws and how we can improve collaboration as an industry.

What Does It Mean For Cybersecurity To “Align With The Business"?  via CSO Online

That cybersecurity is a cost center in organizations. Not only that, it is a cost center where it can be extremely difficult to recognize the values, of which there are plenty. What is valuable and what isn't? Talk to Idenhaus to find out.

Data Quality Issues - How They Affect Security & Your Bottom Line via Idenhaus

Last time, we brought to light some data quality issues that are affecting all aspects of the organization. You probably asked yourself, “Wait, our poor data quality is affecting our security posture, as well as our profit margin?” The short answer: yes, yes it is. Come check it out here. 

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