Identity Management & Cybersecurity Newsbites from March 2019

March 20, 2019
cybersecurity newsbites

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RSA 2019 Highlights: Security Challenges Moving to the Cloud via Idenhaus

One of the fundamental changes is the shift in technology from physical servers to virtual servers and then from virtual servers to Cloud servers.

An Inside Look at New York State Government Cybersecurity via GovTech

"Part of [our plan] was making sure cyber security was firmly at the table in budget planning. Our approach was more a conversation about cyber as an element of enterprise risk management. We provided relevant examples of the growing risk of cyberattacks, and associated costs of incidents and breaches. We also examined and tracked spending in ways that provided a clearer picture of initiatives across the organization that support enhancing security. In other words, better understanding what we were spending beyond just my office’s direct costs."

Understanding Role Based Access Control (RBAC) via Idenhaus

This article serves as an introduction to understanding role-based access control and how it can benefit your organization.

Lawmakers introduce bipartisan bill for 'internet of things' security standards via The Hill

Under the bill, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) would create recommendations for the federal government’s use of internet of things devices, including establishing minimum security requirements to address the products' cyber vulnerabilities.

UK code breakers drop Bombe, Enigma and Typex simulators onto the web for all to try  via The Register

UK signals intelligence agency GCHQ, celebrating its centenary, has released emulators for famed World War II-era cipher machines that can be run within its web-based educational encryption app CyberChef.

How to Effectively Use Role-Based Access Control in the Real World [WEBINAR]  via Idenhaus

In this webinar, you will learn how to balance managing the complexity of RBAC and delivering value to the business effectively.


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