Your Identity Management & Cybersecurity News Digest, December 2018

December 13, 2018
cybersecurity news digest

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For this week's cybersecurity news digest, here are 7 informative and insightful IAM and cybersecurity articles from December 2018. Enjoy!


Highlights from “CISO Perspectives on Privileged Access Management” #GartnerIAM via Idenhaus

The successful implementation of a PAM solution is more than just installing a new technology; it requires communication, training, and a change in organizational culture.

Managing a Chaotic Heterogeneous Network? You’re Not Alone via Network Computing

Today’s reality is multi-vendor, hybrid environments that are hard to manage and secure. Those who can overcome these challenges can deliver greater performance and enhanced functionality for end users.

Understanding Privileged Access Management in 2019 via SolutionsReview

PAM in 2019 will not simply rely on deploying the proper solution. Instead, it will also rely on enterprise IT security teams utilizing the advantages of their PAM solutions to increase their visibility and secure their logins.

8 Cyber Attack Simulation Tools to Improve Security via GeekFlare

Those days are gone where you rely on an annual or quarterly penetration test results. The following tools let you simulate a real attack against your data center so you can review the results and take action today.

Every day is a fire drill for bank cybersecurity teams  via AmericanBanker

Cyberthieves continually hack away at weaknesses in banks' digital defenses, sometimes coming in waves that involve thousands of attacks.

5 Tips to Harden Network Security in a Connected Enterprise  via Network Computing

As security efforts evolve from the fixed edge to the elastic edge, organizations need to combine traditional and new best practices to keep their networks safe from today’s evolving cyber threats.

8 Benefits of an Identity & Access Management Roadmap  via Idenhaus

While many organizations do a good job of laying out technical requirements, too often they fail to link IAM implementations to business outcomes.


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