Identity Management Biweekly: New SIM Hack, IAM Roadmaps, Healthcare Cybersecurity

September 26, 2019
identity management biweekly

identity management biweekly

Thanks for reading the Idenhaus Identity Management biweekly news digest. Every two weeks, we curate a selection of informative IAM, Data Governance, Identity Management & Cybersecurity articles. Be sure to check out our new resources section with on-demand webinars, case studies, and educational videos.

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Security Thought of the Week

The impact of Identity Management on profit is indirect, leading from better processes to better customer performance to higher returns.

Identity Management Biweekly: 9 Must-Read IAM & Cybersecurity Articles


IAM Roadmaps are Key to Secure Funding for Your IAM Project via Idenhaus

The process of building an IAM roadmap opens the lines of communication, establishes business priorities, and creates a shared understanding of the value delivered.


New SIM Card Flaw Lets Hackers Hijack Any Phone Just By Sending SMS via HackerNews

Cybersecurity researchers revealed the existence of a new and previously undetected critical vulnerability in SIM cards that could allow remote attackers to compromise targeted mobile phones and spy on victims just by sending an SMS.


7 Critical Identity Management Questions Your Enterprise Needs to Ask via SolutionsReview

Instead of making a cautious selection, enterprises often pick a solution that seems to solve their immediate challenge. Obviously, this creates an identity management platform bogged down by complexity and integration issues.


More Than 70% of Hospital Data Breaches Puts Patients at Risk of Identity Theft  via FierceHealthcare

A recent Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Politico survey showed that only 17% of patients have a “great deal” of faith that their health plan will protect their data, and only 24% trust their hospital to keep their data safe.


Identity Governance: Why Enterprises Don’t Implement It? via Hackernoon

With something as huge as the modern enterprise environment, a highly complex IGA solution should be put to practice to correlate and monitor employee identities throughout its network.


Hackers are Changing their Approach to Healthcare Ransomware Attacks via HealthcareITNews

One cybersecurity expert offers his perspective on the changing threat landscape faced by CIOs and CISOs and gives some tips for more effective threat detection and response.


7 Free Learning Resources For Kubernetes via AnalyticsIndia

Kubernetes, the open-sourced container management system developed by tech giant Google has gained popularity by the developers in recent years. It has been used by a number of organizations and has a large community which provides support behind the system.


The Role of Analytics in Protecting Healthcare Data Privacy and Security via SecurityBoulevard

Insider threats pose the biggest challenges to healthcare organizations because they can happen without triggering any security alarms. A trusted employee can steal confidential patient and corporate information, or tamper with it, and even sabotage systems.


8 Benefits of an Identity & Access Management Roadmap  via Idenhaus

While many organizations do a good job of laying out their technical requirements, too often they fail to link their implementations to business outcomes and fail to build the right IAM foundation to solve the organization’s most pressing business problems.


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Secure Funding for your IAM Program

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