Identity Management Biweekly: 9 Must-Read IAM & Cybersecurity Articles

October 9, 2019

Identity Management Biweekly

Thanks for reading the Idenhaus Identity Management biweekly news digest. Every two weeks, we curate a selection of informative IAM, Data Governance, Identity Management & Cybersecurity articles. Be sure to check out our new resources section with on-demand webinars, case studies, and educational videos.

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Security Thought of the Week

It is important to understand that an organization's capabilities come from a combination of technology, people, and process. Investments across all of these areas will more reliably deliver benefits than investments in IT alone.

Identity Management Biweekly: 9 Must-Read IAM & Cybersecurity Articles


Identity Management Success Starts with Your Stakeholders via Idenhaus

To build confidence in your IAM program, it is important to spend time at the beginning of the project to assess the current state, identify key pain points, document business drivers, and develop an IAM roadmap.


In Healthcare, A Strong Change Management Plan Starts with Buy-In via TechTarget

The tenets of a good change management plan are to engage with stakeholders early, clearly communicate why the technology investment is necessary, and establish a team to help lead the implementation.


The Power of IAM via ITWeb

With IAM solutions in place, you would have the functionality, security and access for users for future deployment of applications to accommodate the business’ growth, and not only for regulatory circumstances.


Data-Driven Health Care: Reaping Benefits Without Risking a Breach via SecurityBoulevard

As healthcare is now more vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks from connected devices than ever, is it possible to bring the benefits of technology to patients whilst effectively managing security?


How identity management can aid efforts involving PDMP databases via HealthDataManagement

Using enterprise identity solutions in conjunction with prescriptive analytics and machine learning can help organizations leverage prescription data to anticipate risk and identify patterns with a high probability of abuse.


Security and compliance gaps of ineffective employee onboarding and offboarding via HelpNetSecurity

Just 15% of employees have all the resources they require to be productive on day one, further, more than half (52%) of IT professionals know someone who still has access to a former employer’s applications and data.


Healthcare organizations accounted for 79 percent of ransomware strikes this year via CSO

Healthcare employees should be extremely vigilant in confirming the source of all emails that are sent to their personal and corporate email inboxes. Emails that urgently request a password change, patient data, or a link be clicked should be approached with extreme caution.


Digital Identity Management: 5 Ways to Win Customer Trust via SecurityBoulevard

In business, digital identity management primarily refers to the way a customer’s personal information is safely collected, stored, and accessed. While this may appear simple, many businesses fall prey to misconceptions about building or managing a customer’s digital identity.


How a Solution Roadmap Aligns IT and Business Strategy  via Idenhaus

The simplest and most effective way to link your business strategy with your IAM program is to build a solution roadmap. The process to create a roadmap requires input from both technical and business stakeholders and makes the implicit explicit.


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