Cybersecurity Requirements for Medical Devices Remain Unchanged, Rural Healthcare In Flux, and More

October 4, 2022

With the changing of the seasons, it can be all too easy to forget your cybersecurity plans in the influx of cold, flu, and seasonal allergy patients. However, it's important all year long to keep your cybersecurity plans up to date and ready to deploy at the drop of a hat (and hopefully not at the breach of an intruder). The best way to keep on top of your cybersecurity? Partner up with Idenhaus and get the latest cyber news delivered to your inbox. This week we're focusing on IAM in healthcare, and how important it is going to be as legacy tech ages out and new medical devices are brought in.

How will your organization respond to the technology call?

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How Rural Hospitals Can Tackle Healthcare Cybersecurity Risks via HealthITSecurity

While rural hospitals may not have the luxury of investing in the latest and greatest security solutions, there are a variety of free resources and security-minded strategies that organizations can implement to bolster their cybersecurity architectures.

SCHIO HIE’s Approach to Identity Management via HealthcareITToday

Identity management is one of the top problems HIEs face today.  There are numerous complications that happen when you try to ensure the identity of a patient. How can you avoid the majority of the complications? Good plans help, so talk to Idenhaus today about yours.

FDA Bill Passes Without Cybersecurity Requirements For Medical Devices via SCMedia

The much-anticipated cybersecurity requirements for medical devices were dropped from the FDA user-fee package, serving as a reminder that healthcare providers should not wait to act on medical device security. Talk to Idenhaus today to start working on a cybersecurity roadmap for your organization.

Health System CISOs Offer Tips for Building Cybersecurity 'Muscle Memory' via HealthcareITNews

By focusing on broader incident response training efforts – involving medical, operational and other teams – as part of overall emergency preparedness programs, healthcare providers can be better positioned to maintain and deliver patient care when systems are breached and potentially disabled following a cyberattack.

Defining Waterfall vs. Agile vs. Hybrid Sprinting Project Management Methodology via Idenhaus

While we usually talk more about IAM management than project management, it is no less important to have your projects properly managed than it is to have a cybersecurity plan. Let's discuss the different methodologies: Waterfall, Agile, and Hybrid. Want to know how to put this to use in your cybersecurity? Talk to Idenhaus’ experts today!

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