Idenhaus Biweekly: Data Quality, PAM, (Lack of) GDPR Compliance

July 31, 2019


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Security Thought of the Week

Taking a "Systems Thinking" approach to IT solutions to drive Superlative Outcomes

Technology is often seen as the solution to all problems in and of itself; however, there are often changes in other systems and processes that determine how much of an impact the deployed technology can have. If your solution depends on data or other outputs from business processes that are sub-par, then your solution will have a limited impact. By broadening our analysis to look at the system, we can deliver better results from our technology investments.

7 Must-Read Articles on Data Quality, PAM, and GDPR Compliance


Mini Case Study: Getting a Handle on User Data via Idenhaus

Nicole Keaton Hart and Hanno Ekdahl share a mini case study on the importance of establishing a system of record to maintain user data quality.


Discover Details on Unified Endpoint Management via TechTarget

UEM software consolidates device and application management platforms for mobile devices, desktops, printers, wearables IoT devices, and other endpoints.


Does Your Identity and Access Management Program Put People First? via Security Intelligence

Organizations struggle to gain user adoption, resulting in costly inefficiencies, ineffective IAM solutions that don’t meet user needs, and unanticipated disruption to the business — all of which can lead to overall program failure.


By the Numbers: Why You Need To Improve Your Privileged Access Management via Solutions Review

In modern cybersecurity, failing to enact strong, next-generation privileged access management (PAM) leaves your enterprise profoundly vulnerable. Instead of waiting for a breach, you need to take the first steps to improve your privileged access management.


'Anonymised' data can never be totally anonymous, says study via The Guardian

“Anonymised” data lies at the core of everything from modern medical research to personalized recommendations and modern AI techniques. Unfortunately, according to a paper, successfully anonymizing data is practically impossible for any complex dataset.


Nearly a third of European firms still not GDPR compliant via CityAM

Almost a third of European businesses are still not compliant with the wide-ranging European Union laws on data protection and privacy introduced last year, according to accounting firm RSM.


Why Identity Management Success Depends on Good Data Quality  via Idenhaus

Accurate data enables your Identity & Access Management system to function properly, making IT operations efficient and users productive. Bad data quality simply produces bad results faster.


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Identity Management-Role Based Access Control Best Practices

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