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August 27, 2019


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Security Thought of the Week

Data governance frameworks need to ensure trustworthiness of the underlying user data, which includes both the management and use of that data. This need can be met by establishing high-level organizing principles as a foundation to ensure confidence in the entire system. Effective data governance is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and grounding efforts in underlying principles will provide a source of clarity and trust across all application areas.

10 Must-Read Articles on Cybersecurity, Data Governance, and Healthcare IAM


Systems Thinking and Organization Modus Operandi via Idenhaus

Systems thinking provides a way of gaining a big-picture view of commonly occurring systemic problems in organizations, namely, the tendency to implement “Band-Aid” fixes and the tendency to shift the burden from one functional area to another.


Selecting a cyber threat intelligence provider — building out your requirements via Medium

"I recently struggled to find reference resources to create a requirements list for the selection of a cyber-threat intelligence (CTI) provider (I might have been looking in the wrong places). To help others, I thought I would share what I developed. It is by no means exhaustive or perfect, but I hope it can serve as a starting point."


How healthcare CIOs and CISOs can handle identity and access management via HealthcareIT News

An expert in the strategies and technologies surrounding identity and access management walks through today’s challenges and discusses how provider organizations can best secure this key area.


Risk Changes the Data Governance Game via NACD

The objective of data governance is changing once again, as enterprise security risk becomes a tier-1 board concern and data security and compliance emerge as two of the greatest sources of this risk for companies.


The Truth About Privileged Access Security On AWS and Other Public Clouds via Forbes

Amazon’s IAM centralizes identity roles, policies and Config Rules yet doesn’t go far enough to provide a Zero Trust-based approach to Privileged Access Management (PAM) that enterprises need today.


7 Powerful Characteristics of a Strategic IAM Assessment via Idenhaus

Identity and Access Management assessments are a vital first step to help organizations structure their programs and define a successful implementation strategy.


Protecting your organization against privileged identity theft via HelpNet

While the right privileged access management approach is critical to safeguarding the organization against bad actors, one of the fastest ways to mitigate the risk of privileged identity theft is to remediate weak security practices, processes and policies.


Top 10 SIEM Log Sources in Real Life? via Medium

"One of the most common questions I received in my analyst years of covering SIEM and other security monitoring technologies was 'what data sources to integrate into my SIEM first?'"


Why Healthcare Needs Cloud-Based Identity Management via HealthcareIT News

An increasingly complex digital environment necessitates a new scalable approach to identity management that safeguards sensitive data and streamlines access.


Mastering Identity Management: When Your HRIS System Falls Short  via Idenhaus

If your HRIS system is not an authoritative source for answers to your user identity questions, what should you do?


Data Security Takeaways From FTC v LabMD via Idenhaus



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Idenhaus-Case Study-Bell-Powers-Ahead-IAM-Assessment


NEW CASE STUDY: Bell Textron, Inc needed a new approach to mature its IGA framework to improve efficiency and support its security objectives. Download the Bell case study here.


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