Fresh Reading for IAM Professionals, September 2021

September 21, 2021
Cybersecurity updates

Join us as we take a tour of the news surrounding cyber security. From the latest cryptocurrency security struggles, to the arguments for and against cyber insurance. Does it help, or is it actually doing more harm now than good? 

Cybersecurity updates

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Fresh Fall Article Roundup for Identity Access and Management Professionals


Reducing An Organization’s Legal Exposure After a Cyber Breach via Idenhaus

While everyone hopes it will never happen, after a breach occurs, you need to act fast in order to limit your legal exposure post-breach. 

Looking for Cyber Insurance? Legal Terms, Issues to Know via Bloomberg Law

A surge in cyber and ransomware attacks is costing companies millions of dollars and causing immense reputational harm, increasing the costs of and requirements for cyber insurance coverage at a time when companies need it more than ever.

The Pentagon's Army of Nerds via The Atlantic

See why the military needs Silicon Valley, now more than ever, given the constant stream of threat actors against US infrastructure. 

Financial Cybercrime: Why Cryptocurrency is the Perfect ‘Getaway Car’ via ThreatPost

It’s no secret: Hackers are out to make money. Over the summer, it seemed there was practically a new ransomware attack every day of the week. Cybercrime is in the spotlight more than ever before with good reason: it's a lucrative gig.

Cyber Insurance May Not Be Making Companies More Secure via Washington Post

Insurers are sometimes doing more harm than good as U.S. companies are pummeled with ransomware and other cyberattacks, and there's no industry standard for how well a company must be protected to get cyber insurance. 

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