Fresh For Summer: Articles for Healthcare IAM Professionals

June 15, 2021
Fresh Summer Articles for Healthcare IAM Professionals

The summer continues with more cyber attacks, cyber insurance premiums rising, and the medical device sector is feeling the crush in this week's digest of articles for Healthcare IAM professionals.

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Fresh for Summer: New Articles for Healthcare IAM Professionals


What Happens After a Ransomware Attack in the Health IT Environment?  via HealthITSecurity

CyberMDX’s Ido Geffen takes a hard look at ransomware attacks within a healthcare environment, including what providers are getting wrong and needed security mitigations.

 The Growing Business Cost Of Healthcare Cybercrime via Security Boulevard

The 2021 Consumer Healthcare Cybersecurity Threat Index found that 27 percent of patients would switch providers if their healthcare provider fell victim to a cyberattack – up 30 percent from the same study the previous year.

FDA Lays Out Device Cybersecurity Efforts as Feds Look to Implement Biden Executive Order via MedTechDive

The agency is voicing its concerns for the healthcare sector, specifically the growing realm of medical device cybersecurity. With new regulations in place, will the medical device sector keep up with, or stay ahead of threat actors?

False, AI-generated Cybersecurity And Medical News Was Able To Fool Experts via Fast Company

Misinformation within communities of expertise has the potential for scary outcomes such as delivering incorrect medical advice to doctors and patients.

Cloud Identity Defenses – Cybersecurity and The Cloud via Idenhaus

With the rapid expansion of SaaS applications, cloud infrastructure platforms, and cloud applications, Identity has emerged as the new perimeter where organizations must manage the permissions and access of their users to various cloud resources.


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