Fascinating Updates – Cybersecurity Articles for Identity Management Professionals

May 20, 2021

Ransomware payouts, the shortage of computer chips, and more in this week's digest of articles for Identity Management Professionals.

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Fascinating Updates - Cybersecurity Articles for Identity Management Professionals


Stay Ahead of Hackers with User Access Reviews – Part 2 via Idenhaus

Access Reviews are critical to prioritizing employee education and awareness as the first line of defense; they should be integrated into an organization’s security strategy.

Colonial Pipeline Paid Hackers Nearly $5 Million in Ransom via Bloomberg

Colonial Pipeline Co. paid nearly $5 million to Eastern European hackers on Friday, contradicting reports earlier this week that the company had no intention of paying.

Computer Chips Are the New Toilet Paper via New York Times

During the coronavirus pandemic, many items were hit by shortages - computer chips are amongst those things people are now desperate to get their hands on.

Data Privacy: How the Growing Field of Regulations Impacts Businesses via SecurityIntelligence

Data privacy laws are becoming more complex, so businesses that seek to become — and stay — compliant must find a solution that can do more than just respond to current challenges.

U.S. Intelligence Agencies Warn About 5G Network Weaknesses via TheHackerNews

Inadequate implementation of telecom standards, supply chain threats, and weaknesses in systems architecture could pose major cybersecurity risks to 5G networks.

How Operational Collaboration Can Improve US Cyber Capability And Response via Atlantic Council

Operational collaboration will require the public and private sectors to form deep partnerships in coordinating cyber-defense actions, planning, and capacity building for cyber resilience.

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