Fall into Healthcare Articles for IAM Professionals

September 8, 2021

This week, among our updates on cybersecurity challenges and attacks over the past few months, we explore crisis management for hospitals, the pervasive issues with cybersecurity insurance, and the last installment of our Pre-Breach Mistakes series. Stay up to date with Idenhaus, not only in your inbox but in your organization. 

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A Fresh Round of Fall Articles for Healthcare IAM Professionals


Crisis Management: Responding to a Disaster via HealthcareInfo Security

The impact of Hurricane Ida, including huge power outages, points to the importance of healthcare organizations and others having comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plans in place for natural disasters as well as cyberattacks.

Why “Ransomware Insurance” Causes Healthcare Industry to Overlook Deeper, Underlying Security Issues via CPO Magazine

With patient lives on the line, healthcare institutions can be critically vulnerable to the prolonged downtime that ransomware infections cause.

Outpatient Facilities Targeted by Cyber Actors More Frequently Than Hospitals via HIPAA Journal

While large health systems are naturally attractive targets for cybercriminals, smaller healthcare organizations tend to have weaker security defenses and can be attacked more easily and are low hanging fruit for hackers.

Healthcare ‘A Culture of Yes’: How EHR Modernization Raises Cybersecurity Challenges via SC Magazine

COVID-19 revealed some of healthcare’s greatest shortcomings, supporting the need to reconsider the next level of security able to better support clinicians and related workflows.

5 Common Pre-Breach Mistakes, Mistake Number Five: Poor Insurance Planning via Idenhaus

Insurance planning isn't always about being covered for everything, it is about being able to cover the right things. Learn more in this installment of our series on Pre-Breach Mistakes.

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