Early Summer IAM Article Roundup

July 1, 2021

The DOJ strikes back at the Colonial Pipeline hackers, the troubles with cyber insurance and the new Google Docs Phishing schema. All that and more in this week’s digest of articles for Identity Management Professionals.

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Hot Summertime Articles for Identity Management Professionals, Early July 2021


Common Pre-Breach Mistakes That Organizations Make With Cyber Security via Idenhaus

Information security is sometimes at odds with IT’s goal because many things that IS wants to do may slow down IT. The risk is that the calls are made in favor of IT and against IS.

Cyber Sense Act Introduced in Senate via DailyEnergy Insider

The Cyber Sense Act would not only identify and promote cyber-secure products for use in the bulk-power system, but it would also establish a testing process for the products and identify cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

The Empire Strikes Back — Did the DOJ Hack the Colonial Pipeline Hackers? via National Law Review

The United States Department of Justice seized 63.7 bitcoins, worth $2.3 million, paid to cyber-criminal enterprise DarkSide following the May 7 ransomware attack against Colonial Pipeline. Good job done well, or just the tip of the iceberg?

Cyber Insurance Isn't Helping with Cybersecurity, and It Might Be Making the Ransomware Crisis Worse via ZDNet

Ransomware is one of the biggest cybersecurity issues facing organizations today but, as claims mount and cyber insurers look at the coverage they are offering, changes may be coming. Though your organization may have cyber attack insurance, that doesn't mean the same things it did last year.

7 Keys to Evaluating Zero Trust Security Frameworks via VentureBeat

The United States government is pushing for zero trust implementations across all its agencies, and more vendors are jumping on board the already rolling zero trust product bandwagon. Has your organization looked into Zero Trust Architecture? Learn more about the requirements here.

Attackers Abuse Google Docs for Phishing Attacks via KnowBe4

Attackers are using a new technique to exploit Google Docs for phishing attacks, according to researchers at Avanan. The attackers take advantage of the fact that Google Docs automatically renders HTML code, so a Google Doc can act as a landing page to direct the user to the real phishing page.

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